The goal of every music lesson is to combine the acquisition of skills with the pleasure of playing and listening to music. Every musician develops at his own pace, and each one has his individual inspiration and motivation.

Part of the process is to improve specific motion sequences and reach physical abilities; however, the training of “the ears” and musical intuition is just as important.

We want to develop skills in order to apply them in performance, solo or together with other musicians. At the same time, we discover styles, genres and eras following our very personal taste.

My aim as a music teacher is to give professional guidance and support on any level.

For beginners and advanced:

  • Jazz and improvisation
  • Classic
  • Technique, sound, interpretation, performance

Flute, Clarinet, Piano
For beginners


  • Rehearsal and guidance for small groups, e.g. saxophone quartet
  • Band coaching

Music Theory

  • Basics (reading music, the tonal system, easy solfège, rhythm)
  • Composition, arranging
  • Preparation for jazz entrance exam (Conservatory) in theory and performance

For information about prices and conditions, please contact me.

I have a diploma in Higher Professional Education (Bachelor and Master of Music) which includes music pedagogy and pedagogy for groups and classes.